Forward-Facing® Freedom

Healing the Past

Transforming the Present

A Future on Purpose

In Forward-Facing Freedom, internationally renowned trauma therapist and speaker Dr. J. Eric Gentry walks you through his breakthrough practice to give you the key to all the freedom from and freedom to promises above, in three simple yet powerfully transforming steps.

Traditional therapy can be time consuming and expensive.  The Forward Facing® practice is immediately accessible and can be used by anyone…even if therapy never worked for you before.

As each chapter unfolds, you’ll meet compelling characters discovering how the Forward-Facing® process immediately puts them back in control of their body and brain, helping them to find freedom from toxic stress in real time, even in the midst of a myriad of life’s stressors.

Seamlessly integrating neuroscience, psychotherapy, and the author’s personal journey of recovery from trauma and addiction, Forward-Facing Freedom instills within you the abilities to heal your past, transform your present, and enjoy a future on purpose. 

It’s time to take back control of your happiness and health—to face forward toward a stress-free future where the best is yet to come!

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