Are you ready for Forward-Facing® Professional Resilience?

Professional Resilience Coaching utilizes Forward-Facing® to resolve and prevent secondary traumatic stress while also providing education and skill building to prevent and resolve burnout. It is equally beneficial when used clinically by licensed mental health professionals, trained coaches, or peer-to-peer.

Dr. Eric Gentry

Dr. Gentry is a Board-Certified Expert in treating traumatic stress. With almost 40 years of experience treating thousands of survivors, he offers you the optimal coaching experience. He is the developer of the Forward-Facing® Model and has helped hundreds of people—just like you—turn the workplace from a toxic environment to a playground to practice their personal mission. If you would like to begin working the job you care about with a sense of purpose and peace of mind, contact him for a free 15-minute consultation.

Forward-Facing® Professional Resilience 

Coach Directory

The awesome thing about coaching is that you don’t have to find a provider licensed in your state. You can work with anyone from anywhere online. Take a look through our coaches and decide for yourself who might be the best fit for you regardless of their location! 

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