Forward-Facing® ME: Personal Engagement Group


Discover the path to a resilient life

Forward-Facing® ME is

designed for anyone who is ready to replace toxic stress with boundless resilience.

It’s an online interactive group experience that will teach you to overcome stress in any situation and live life by design, not default.

(It’s also a requirement to become a Certified Forward-Facing® Coach)

Imagine what it would feel like to live a life free from the pressures of stress… a life you choose for yourself instead of living on autopilot.



What if you could get started now instead of waiting for office staff to bump you to the top of a waiting list?

Forward-Facing® Me was designed to help you find: 


through developing your ability to interrupt the threat response, you can turn triggers into opportunities for healing and growth


through using your newly developed skills to help you define who you truly want to be and stick to it no matter what’s going on around you.


As you discover ways that your body can heal itself without needing complicated clinical interventions – and you can facilitate this healing every day for the rest of your life!



You don’t have to do this work alone – and you won’t in Forward Facing Me. Start your journey among the company of peers who get the reality of everyday stress and trauma and are just as motivated as you are to make change in their lives.

Our next live cohort begins April 9, 2024

And continues for a total of 7 Tuesdays
from 9:30-11am (AZ TIME)

This group will meet weekly from April 9- May 21

Registration for all 7 weeks costs $300

Here’s what you get as part of Forward-Facing® Me:

  • Seven sessions taught live on Zoom (90 minutes each). Held weekly for seven weeks.
  • Additional in-depth recorded instruction videos taught by Dr. J. Eric Gentry, available forever.
  • Assignments throughout the program to keep you learning and reinforce core concepts
  • Access to a cohort of peers to learn from and connect more deeply with
  • Members-only resources for tools, books and tips
  • Discounts on individual sessions of Forward-Facing coaching with Jenny Brackman
  • Become a member of the exclusive Forward-Facing Alumni, and receive priority registration and early access to special events
  • 3 additional 75-minute alumni sessions to be redeemed anytime within one year of graduating
Hi I'm Jenny Brackman, your facilitator!

Hi I'm Jenny Brackman, your facilitator!

VP of Forward-Facing® Institute


I like to say I’ve been facilitating groups since before I had any business doing so (seriously, I facilitated my first mental-health healing groups in my early 20’s, and I’m so glad no one has videos of them!). I’ve always had a passion for helping people develop and refine skills, and love doing so by facilitating these groups!

I came across the work of Dr. Eric Gentry in 2014, and my life has been forever changed. When I facilitating these groups I inevitably grow as much as the participants. 

You can “get to know me” a little bit better on this podcast episode where I share some of my story.

I would be honored to be your guide as you begin your Forward-Facing journey. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me personally–

Hear from past FFME participants about what they experienced: 

Poy de Lara, Spring 2022 alum

Kristin Griffey, Spring 2021 alum

Miriam Showalter, Spring 2021 alum

“The thing that struck me most in Forward Facing Me is I wasn’t expecting it to have such a simple structure. It reminded me a lot of the kind of structure that supports learning: it’s invisible. It can look very simple, but that’s deceptive. It allows for something magical to happen.”

Rob, Fall 2021 alum

“To be able to hear people’s success with the concepts and also their challenges was really empowering and gave me a sense of hope and a sense of community, that I’m not just doing this off on my own. It’s cool to see how FF can meet people in all different types of life circumstances.”

Margaret Moore, Spring 2020 alum

I got involved with FFME right when covid was happening and I think it saved my life. I think the process is structured really well to allow people equitable relationship. Everybody knows what the structure is, everyone knows what’s expected, but it’s fluid and fluent enough to take on the challenges of individual stories, individual needs.

Find out more about the history of FFME in this short clip! 

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this group meet?

This group will meet weekly on Tuesdays from April 9- May 21 from 9:30-11am (AZ TIME)

Below is the meeting start time for each time zone.

9:30 AM PT l 9:30 AM AZ l 10:30 AM MT l 11:30 AM CT l 12:30 PM ET


How much does this cost?

Your registration price of $300 includes: 

  • 7 – 90 minute group sessions 
  • 1 – 60 min Coaching session with Jenny Brackman ($120 value)
  • 3 – 75 minute Alumni Group Sessions, hosted live by Dr. Gentry ($75 value)  
  • 1- 30 minute private consultation with Jenny before group ($60 value)
  • Lifetime access to 3+ hours of training by Dr. Eric Gentry on the topics covered in the group
  • All materials (Workbook for Forward-Facing Trauma Therapy)


I'm a clinician. Is this for me?

Clinicians experience stress and trauma too! In fact, we’ve helped hundreds of clinicians through Forward-Facing® ME, and they’ve graduated with both personal and professional benefits.

I'm currently experiencing high stress levels. Is this group for me?
If you are in crisis or are experiencing stress that is impairing your day-to-day functioning, please reach out to us so we can help you determine if the group will be a good fit for you.
Do you record the meetings?
No, what is shared is confidential, so we do not record, but all the teaching components are included as videos in the curriculum.
I'm interested, but I can't make the first session. Can I still participate?
No. The first meeting is crucial.
What happens if I miss a session?
Each person is allowed one excused absence. If a person has two absences and wants to graduate, they will need to repeat the group at a latter time for a fee.
Is there homework?
Before the first session there are 2 hours of videos to watch. After the first session there’s 1.5-2 hr writing assignment. That’s it!
Is this like group therapy?
No, the format is closer to an AA/NA/AlAnon meeting.

Let’s get started!

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