The premier Provider of Trauma Education for life coaches and peer support specialists.

Do you feel lost or overwhelmed when you discover your coaching clients have traumatic pasts?

We get it. 

Our trainings will equip you to competently walk with your clients to heal the past without digging it up. 

You can take a few courses or go all the way and get certified with us! Either way, we’ll be here for you each step of the way. 

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What We Offer


Our expert coaches focus on an individual’s inner healing potential, to provide an understanding of what’s happening inside the body and brain and develop a clear plan for healing.


We offer certification programs for many of our training programs.  You can become certified to coach individuals or take it further and become a consultant to work with organizations.


Whether your seeking to expand your knowledge as a health practitioner or looking for personal development, Forward-Facing Institute provides training to fulfill your goals.

Areas of Expertise

Post-Traumatic Growth

Trauma and painful learning strike in many forms, leaving people confused and demoralized in its wake. The global pandemic has reminded us of how vulnerable we are to loss. However, neuroscience demonstrates that humans are vibrant self-healing organisms. At FFI, we’ve distilled the research on post-traumatic growth into a step-by-step process, enabling individuals to regain a sense of wholeness and wellbeing after loss and pain, and even create a life better than before the trauma.

What we offer:

Professional Resilience

People join helping professions because they care. But caring has a cost. The good news is that the cost of caring, often known as compassion fatigue, can be treated and prevented. Our services for professional resilience are the result of 25+ years of research and development in the area of burnout and compassion fatigue prevention. 

What we offer:


What is Forward-Facing®?

Forward-Facing is a unique process for resolving our painful past while living a principle-based life here in the present. It is the marriage of science-based self-regulatory skills paired with resilient intentional living. Engaging these skills lowers stress symptoms while simultaneously enhancing quality of life and well-being. The skills are deceptively simple and easy to implement. Anyone can learn them in a short period of time…and then work the rest of our lives to master them. While Forward-Facing is a bona fide protocol for addressing and resolving traumatic stress, it is equally effective for developing stress-management, resilience and optimization skill for professionals, parents, couples, athletes and performers.


Forward-Facing Institute

We are a credentialing and training organization founded in summer 2020 by Dr. J. Eric Gentry and Jenny Brackman.

We deliver life-changing development through coaching, consulting, certification, books and training focused on enhancing the personal and professional resilience of individuals.

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