Forward-Facing® Certification

The principles of Forward-Facing® work in many settings. That’s why we have two different certification paths which share a common core structure.

If you’re interested in helping individuals with their personal lives, giving them hope and skills for trauma recovery and life optimization after painful past experiences, check out our Health and Wellness Certification.

 If you’re interested in helping individuals with their professional lives, facilitating recovery from compassion fatigue and teaching them how to prevent it, check out our Professional Resilience Certification.  

Our Core Pathway

Forward-Facing offers a variety of self-paced trainings and courses that don’t lead to certification. For those seeking certification to begin their own private coaching practices or contribute to the quality of life in their workplaces, we offer a core pathway to certification with 4 different levels outlined below.

Level 1 – Alumni

Complete Forward-Facing®️ M(y) E(xperience)

Start your journey working on your personal self-regulation skills and articulating your intentions in the company of others doing the same work. This course is required for those who want to become a certified coach in either pathway.

Level 2 – Advanced Alumni

Level 3 – Certified Coaches 

Level 4 – Certified Consultants

Frequently Asked Questions

If I start on one pathway, but decide halfway through to switch to another pathway, can I transfer course credits to the new pathway?

FFME will always be the gateway course for our certifications and counts for either. Beyond that, the pathways involve different experiences and information, so you will need to go back to the beginning of that pathway in order to switch. 


We’ve had quite a few coaches complete both pathways who have benefited from completing both, granting them  multiple services to offer clients in their coaching practices. 

Why does Level 2 Health and Wellness cost less than Level 2 Professional Resilience?

Both levels involve one-on-one coaching, but the amount of coaching is actually doubled for the Professional Resilience pathway. Health and Wellness Coaching offers one-hour sessions. The Accelerated Recovery Program (ARP) for Professional Resilience schedules 2-hour sessions by nature of the program. Typically Eric charges $2000 for the ARP, so you’re getting a really good deal receiving the ARP through our program PLUS the self-paced professional resilience course which comes with its own mini-certification.

Why does Level 3 Health and Wellness cost less than Level 3 Professional Resilience?

The practicum in each program is different specifically regarding individualized attention for students. In the Health and Wellness program, you get matched with a mentor coach who gives you personalized feedback on your delivery of each of the 5 H&W sessions to your partner. The Professional Resilience practicum does not have that level of individualized attention.   

Do I have to do the levels in order?

Mostly. If you have the time and are up for the intensity, you can actually do Levels 1 & 2 at the same time. You can also start Level 2 while you’re waiting for an FFME group to begin. However, you cannot progress to Level 3 without having completed both Level 1 and Level 2, and you cannot progress to Level 4 without completing Level 3.

What if I’ve already taken some of the courses in a level?

Contact Mollie Gardner: She can get you a customized invoice.

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