Do you wish there were more people helping the helpers?

If you have a heart to help others and the experience to recognize the dangers of burnout,  Forward-Facing® Professional Resilience is for you.

Learn evidence-based methods for helping professionals find their joy, vibrancy, and energy even in the most difficult situations. 


Forward-Facing® Professional Resilience
was designed for people dedicated to serving others without burning out.

​It’s based on the groundbreaking work of a psychologist, a traumatologist, and a social worker who recognized that compassion fatigue in care providers could be treated. Together, they created the Accelerated Recovery Program for Compassion Fatigue (ARP), a 5-session treatment model that showed overwhelmingly positive results from its first beta testing.


They spent over 20 years testing, refining, and gathering peer-reviewed research about their method. They found out that the ARP can do more than treat compassion fatigue. It also catalyzes rapid growth towards professional maturation and optimization.


Now, for the first time, it’s available to everyone – clinicians or not – as  Forward-Facing® Professional Resilience.

Our Training Structure

You can become a Forward-Facing® Professional Resilience Coach through our three-part training structure:

Forward-Facing My Experience

Everyone who trains with us starts with their own transformation using the Forward-Facing process. Join a group of up to 12 as you practice skills in everyday life and keep accountable in a weekly structure.

Professional Resilience Workshop

Understand the basics behind professional resilience and what makes our program unique. Experience the full day workshop for yourself live or online.

Practice the ARP with a partner

Learn the material for each session of the Accelerated Recovery Program while practicing it with a partner. This 12-week process is a hybrid of self-paced and facilitated learning.

Once you’ve completed these steps and signed a contract,

you’ll be a Certified Forward-Facing® Professional Resilience Coach!

All Professional Resilience coaches are eligible to become

Professional Resilience Consultants.

Forward-Facing® Professional Resilience Consultants have already been trained as Forward-Facing® Professional Resilience coaches for one-on-one work, but can also work with groups. 

As a Forward-Facing® Professional Resilience consultant, you’ll learn to facilitate the Forward-Facing® Professional Resilience workshop so you can offer it to organizations looking to nurture resilience and prevent compassion fatigue.

Implementing this workshop in large healthcare organizations (Barnes-Jewish Hospital; Vituity, University of Chicago Medical, etc) has led to greater patient satisfaction, better staff morale and a more efficient workforce making less errors.

There are eighteen (15 peer-reviewed) publications that cite the effectiveness of this workshop for lessening burnout, compassion fatigue and work-related stress symptoms while also enhancing professional quality of life and compassion satisfaction.

And now you can be the one to teach it.

We offer live Forward-Facing Professional Resilience Consultant training once a year, typically in the fall.

As a consultant you can expand from delivering the ARP one-on-one to working with larger organizations.
That includes being able to:

  • present the Forward-Facing® Professional Resilience workshop in both open-enrollment and consultant contexts
  • receive coaching for implementing agency-wide resiliency programs for medium-to-large organizations in healthcare, business and industry, education, law enforcement, and any service industry

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for this training?

Anyone who wants to help others overcome compassion fatigue and prevent it going forward.

How do I get started?

Take FFME  or sign up for the Forward-Facing Professional Resilience Workshop to begin. You’ll need both before you can apply to the hybrid program.

If you’d like to see it all laid out, check out our handy roadmap!

What will I be able to do with the Forward-Facing Professional Resilience coach certification?

At the completion of this training, participants will be skilled, competent and authorized to offer the Accelerated Recovery Program for Compassion Fatigue/Forward-Facing® Professional Resilience—Individual to their clients in their private psychotherapy/coaching practice. 

What will I be able to do with the Forward-Facing® Professional Resilience consultant certification?

Successfully completing this certification gives the certified professional the rights, skills and support to offer the Forward-Facing® Freedom workshop in both open-enrollment and consultant contexts. Additionally, those receiving this certification will receive coaching for implementing agency-wide resiliency programs for medium-to-large organizations in healthcare, business and industry, education, law enforcement, and any service industry.

How much does this cost?

For coaching, each element added together comes out to $1625. Here’s the breakdown:

  • FFME – $300
  • FFPR Workshop – $100
  • Compassion Fatigue Informed Professional Certification – $25
  • Hybrid Coach Training – $1800

You’ll pay for each element as you go.

Consultant training costs $1200.

So, $2225 to become a coach. $3425 to become a consultant.

If you need us to work with you on a payment plan, we are happy to do that. Let us know in your application.

How long will this take?

The beginning of your training (FFME and FFPR workshop) goes at your own pace.

Once you start the hybrid program it can take as little as 10 weeks, no more than 5 months.

What dates should I set aside for this?

This training course is simultaneously self-paced and live with individualized attention.

Most scheduling you’ll need to work out with a consultant and your partner on an individual level once you’ve been accepted into the Hybrid Coach Training Program.

However, you should keep the next FFME in mind as you plan your training.

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