Forward-Facing® Trauma Therapy

Forward-Facing® Trauma Therapy is a 21st Century psychotherapeutic approach to healing the negative effects of trauma and painful past experiences. It was designed as an alternative to current models of treatment that focus upon memory retrieval and processing as the primary method for resolving traumatic stress, FFTT, instead, has utilized a present day in vivo (“in life”) approach that provides…

Forward-Facing® Professional Resilience

Forward-Facing™ Professional Resilience is the result of 20+ years of research and development in the area of burnout and compassion fatigue prevention. We have published nine empirical peer-reviewed studies that have demonstrated the skills in this workshop lessen the stress-related effects of caregiving and service work. Additionally, these same skills—when implemented…

Trauma Competency for the 21st Century

Trauma Competency for the 21st Century teaches cutting-edge interventions and protocols that clinicians can immediately implement to augment their work treating survivors of trauma. This training teaches and clarifies skills drawn from recent research that evolves treatment beyond the antiquated notions and practice of the 20th Century into simple…

Treating Complex PTSD

Treating Complex PTSD imparts skills for effectively treating those challenging clients with complex post traumatic stress, or C-PTSD. C-PTSD can present with a myriad of difficult symptoms including intense abreactions/flashbacks; severe “depression-like” shutdown and avoidance; dissociation; relational difficulties and challenges; chronic emotional and somatic dysregulation; chronic pain; and…

TraumAddiction: Treating Addicted Survivors of Trauma

This course first explores the intersection of trauma and addiction through a bio-psycho-social approach that, for the 21st Century would be more accurately called neuro-traumatic-polyvagal approach. This course helps clinicians, addiction professionals and recovering addicts understand how trauma is at the center of the disease of addiction and must…

CBT – Narrative Exposure Therapy

This course teaches licensed clinicians the knowledge and skills they need to integrate the safe and effective use of the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy technique of Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) into their practice immediately following the completion of this course. This course thoroughly teaches the skills for utilizing NET to address symptoms of PTSD—specifically focusing upon ameliorating

Optimizing Our Relationships

Would you like look back on your day and feel good about the way you behaved with the people you care about…instead of blaming everyone else for your discomfort. Becoming intentional with your words and actions in relationships is possible. Feeling safe, connected, loving and hopeful in relationships requires just a few simple tools…


What is Forward-Facing®?

Forward-Facing is a unique process for resolving our painful past while living a principle-based life here in the present. It is the marriage of science-based self-regulatory skills paired with resilient intentional living. Engaging these skills lowers stress symptoms while simultaneously enhancing quality of life and well-being. The skills are deceptively simple and easy to implement. Anyone can learn them in a short period of time…and then work the rest of our lives to master them. While Forward-Facing is a bona fide protocol for addressing and resolving traumatic stress, it is equally effective for developing stress-management, resilience and optimization skill for professionals, parents, couples, athletes and performers.


Forward-Facing Institute

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