Trauma Therapy

Since the 1800’s psychiatrists and mental health professionals have treated traumatic stress as a problem rooted in the past. However, as any survivor with posttraumatic stress knows, their suffering is very much present in the here and now. What if there was a way to effectively treat the symptoms of all stress—including PTSD—here in the present?

In 2016, Dr. Gentry published this book which completely shifts the paradigm for treating traumatic stress. Forward-Facing Trauma Therapy first helps people suffering from stress to understand that it is their physiological threat-response causing their distress—not the environment. It then teaches individuals how to use simple self-regulation skills to immediately interrupt the body’s threat response and return to comfort and well-being.

This interruption of the threat response also rapidly restores cognitive and motor functions to optimal so that individuals practicing FFTT find themselves much more graceful, intelligent and creative as they navigate through the challenges of each day. Finally, FFTT helps people to forge their personal mission and “code-of-honor” and use their self-regulation skills to adhere to their own personal morality more and more frequently. This process significantly lessens stress symptoms while enhancing quality of life and well-being.

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