Dawn Staub

Forward-Facing® Services Offered:

Health and Wellness Coaching

Professional Resilience Coaching

Professional Resilience Consulting

Forward-Facing® My Experience (FFME) Facilitator

What Forward-Facing® means to Dawn:

After taking my first Forward-Facing course in 2019, I realized I tended to put the “cart before the horse” and begin cognitively analyzing, rather than self-regulating my emotions. The Forward-Facing approach helped me to identify why regulating emotions needs to be the first step! Even with formal training in psychology, I often wondered why I would struggle with a seemingly small event and manage through what most would consider a difficult challenge with ease. Eric and many of my Forward-Facing friends have assisted me in learning I don’t need to understand the “why” initially but rather focus on calming the body first so I could turn my critical thinking back on and explore the event. Knowing this information has not resulted in implementing the skills with perfection but has helped me to develop my self-compassion and accept I can do better the next time I am offered the opportunity to self-regulate, which happens to be many times a day. As someone with an autoimmune disorder who experiences daily pain, I know how important self-regulation is to manage the physical symptoms of pain. My family has a history of transgenerational trauma and the skills I have allow me to provide the greatest gift to my family tree in healing from the past rather than passing it on. My journey with Forward-Facing reminds me to not dwell in the past but focus on the present and gaining momentum that keeps me moving toward the life I am choosing.

Coaching with Dawn:

Dawn is a Forward-Facing Health and Wellness Coach and Forward-Facing Compassion Fatigue Coach/Consultant. She works with individuals and organizations to help implement the Forward-Facing skills into daily life. By understanding how painful past learning experiences are hijacking the ability to live congruent with goals being set, individuals learn to interrupt the threat response and make progress toward attaining their goals. With over 23 years as a licensed therapist, coach, speaker, and college professor, Dawn’s mission is to inspire forward momentum by eliminating avoidant behaviors due to fear with new insight that allows others to become the person they envision and deserve to become.

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