Greg Turner

Phone: 559-975-5534
Location: Central California

Forward-Facing® Services Offered:

Professional Resilience Coaching


What Forward-Facing ® Means to Greg:

When Eric and Jenny first introduced me to the art and science of the Forward Facing® process, I had no idea how transformational it would be in my life. About half-way through my first FFME program the lights came on, and I realized that the process was not just about learning new mindfulness techniques, but more importantly, I was learning how to bring balance to my physical body as the first step to self-regulation and an intentional life of well-being. With the Forward Facing® process my past painful life experiences and childhood trauma no longer run unchecked in my body and mind causing me to waste precious energy on perfectionism and being hyper-vigilant day in and day out. I have learned so much with Eric and Jenny, and the entire Forward Facing® team about the art and science of how my body and brain want to work together in harmony. Now I understand what it means to be in a comfortable body and have post-traumatic growth. I am beyond thrilled that I get to share this valuable, and transformational process with those I coach, lead, and serve. I see myself using and coaching the Forward Facing® process for the rest of my life.

Coaching with Greg:

Greg is a Certified Forward Facing® Professional Resilience Coach, Certified Forward Facing® Compassion Fatigue Informed Professional, an AACC Board Certified Life and Leadership Coach, and an AACC Board Certified Acute Stress, Grief, & Trauma Coach. Greg has a diverse professional background including healthcare management, surgical services education, business management, entrepreneurship, non-profit leadership, and faith based organization leadership.

Greg has spent more than two decades in the acute-care hospital and surgical hospital setting as a clinical educator in orthopedic surgery, orthopedic trauma surgery, neurosurgery, surgical microscopy, and patient blood management working with two of the top ten medical device companies in the world. Greg is the founder of Genesis Health Science™ serving as a medical science leadership coach in cross-functional healthcare coaching, teaching, training, encouraging, and growing teams of high achieving clinicians, surgeons, physicians, PA’s, nurses, healthcare administrators and C-suite executives.

Greg also serves as President of Yosemite Ministry Institute located near beautiful Yosemite National Park in northern CA. YMI delivers a broad mission, vision, and purpose as a teaching institution to facilitate cutting-edge, interdisciplinary academic, and experiential learning for continuing education with current Christian pastors and church leaders in Central CA. YMI is enthusiastically engaged in teaching high school students, young adults, and adults of all ages how to meet the global need for spiritual caregivers and start the journey to become Christian coaches, pastors, teachers, and church ministry leaders who can “find the human spiritual need and fill it” in their communities and around the world. In addition, Greg is board chairperson with Fellowship of Christian Athletes – FCA in Madera County, CA pursuing a heartfelt commitment to the spiritual and personal growth of athletic coaches and student athletes.

Greg received his Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Behavioral Science & Life Coaching) from Liberty University graduating summa cum laude. Greg is a board certified master in specialty life coaching with the American Association of Christian Counselors. Greg has a warm, engaging, and life-affirming coaching style to help you see yourself the way God sees you while inspiring you to become your absolute best with every step toward personal, spiritual, and professional development.

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