Julie Meeks

Forward-Facing® Services Offered:

Health and Wellness Coaching

Professional Resilience Coaching

Professional Resilience Consulting

What Forward-Facing® means to Julie:

Before finding the Forward-Facing® program, I found myself in my own patterns of coping behavior that were impacting my relationships, career, and quality of life. Outwardly, I appeared to be calm and controlled, however anxiety was eating me up on the inside. My healing journey has been long, and I often felt discouraged that my past seemed to be holding me hostage. Finding the Forward-Facing® program has transformed my life, giving me the tools to live with intentionality and freedom from anxiety.

Coaching with Julie:

Julie is a Forward-Facing® Health and Wellness Coach and Professional Resilience Coach. Her passion is to walk alongside others in their journey towards healing and wellness of mind, body, and spirit.

Julie is also a licensed and ordained minister and serves as the lead chaplain for a local police department in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. After years of being a chaplain, she has seen the effects of compassion fatigue and burnout that comes with having a high intense job such as a first responder or healthcare worker. She has witnessed the detrimental impact on their lives and the lives of those that love them. She has also been called to homes where death, tragedy, or violence has touched lives and now they must work to live with the repercussions.

As a trauma informed coach, she has learned that stressful lives, high intense jobs, or trauma do not have to have a negative effect on our lives. It is her desire to help individuals build a healthy resilient life.

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