Jenny Brackman

Jenny Brackman brings over 25 years of experience as a helping professional & advocate for the marginalized. She graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Family and Human Development and is a Certified Professional Life Coach & ACES Trainer. She believes her deepest education stems from facing her own trauma and walking the path of a foster/ adoptive parent.

A self-proclaimed “trauma nerd” & passionate life-long student, Jenny understands the science behind post-traumatic growth and healing Adverse Childhood Experiences at a deep level.

To those who may be off-put by the world of academia & fancy degrees, Jenny brings the confidence, compassion, charisma and candor of a survivor who has been in the trenches. Clients & peers alike enjoy the way she breaks-down complex concepts by using references from pop-culture, while not shying away from crucial psychoeducation. Her group participants notice and appreciate her transparency as she regulates around perceived threats in real time (like someone banging on the door or a scorpion crawling across the floor).

Before partnering with Dr. Gentry, Jenny founded Rezilia, an organization designed to bring Forward-Facing tools to underserved populations, nonprofits and young leaders. Since joining the Forward Facing Institute as Vice-President in June 2020, Jenny’s competencies have paved the way for significant growth & expansion of the company. From her business savvy, honed as a twenty-something in multiple sales positions, to her ability to communicate the Forward-Facing principles to emerging generations, Jenny is an invaluable asset to the Forward Facing Institute.

Jenny has lived in Arizona since 1992, and has been married to her husband Joe (a software designer) since 2002. Together they have four school-age children, who provide ample opportunity to practice self-regulation and intentionality.

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