Company: Complete Family Treatment Services
Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Forward-Facing® Services Offered:

Health and Wellness Coaching

Forward-Facing® My Experience (FFME) Facilitator

John Hall is a Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, and Certified Health and Wellness Coach who believes in the power of walking beside someone to understand their journey. Through this journey, we together form a safe space in a world of chaos. John has been through childhood trauma, alcoholism, and addiction, leading to his current choices to help others.

I have been using Forward-Facing since November 2020, which has made a complete difference in my life. The critical ingredient of Forward-Facing is being intentional through self-regulation rather than emotional and reactive. Forward-Facing truly works and is a blessing in my life and the others I have taught.

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