Michelle Holmes

Company: Flourish by Michelle
Phone: 615-670-7136
Location: Nashville, Tennessee

Forward-Facing® Services Offered:

Health and Wellness Coaching

What Forward Facing means to Michelle:

I discovered Forward-Facing® after years of making little progress with the PTSD symptoms that disrupted my life daily. What I soon learned was that this approach could not only free me from that distress, it could impact all areas of my life, including chronic illness and pain, and challenging family dynamics. Forward-Facing® gave me the tools I needed to have hope and thrive as a stepmom in a high conflict situation. It has impacted my life profoundly, and has become the center point of all my work with people experiencing trauma, anxiety + burnout. Forward Facing isn’t covering symptoms… it’s resolving years of painful past learning and allowing us to come home to ourselves. Every single person deserves to FLOURISH. I’m honored to act in accordance with the mission of Forward Facing.

Coaching with Michelle:

Michelle Holmes is a Forward-Facing® Coach, Certified Trauma Support Specialist, and Transformational Coach. She teaches high achieving individuals and teams how to unlock the wisdom of their nervous system so they can improve performance and put an end to self sacrifice, burnout, and anxiety. Her mission is to empower, educate, and lead others with the skills to show up as the best version of themselves, so they can use their unique gifts to create an impact in the world.

She is the podcast host of The Flourish Podcast, author of the FLOURISH 90 Day Wellness planner, and the Overcoming Burnout newsletter on LinkedIn. Michelle has worked with clients internationally, and led workshops for Google, Dell Technologies, Webflow, Github, DaVita, Braze, and more. Before becoming a coach, she worked as a mechanical engineer- but found she loved working alongside humans more than machines and buildings.

Book a complimentary consultation: https://calendly.com/flourishbymichelle 

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