Teya Smoothy

Forward-Facing® Services Offered:

Health and Wellness Coaching

What Forward-Facing® means to Teya:

It means taking charge of your life story, breaking free from the weight of the past, and moving forward in a grounded state of self-awareness. It’s about reclaiming control over your narrative and reactions, allowing you to navigate everyday life with resilience and a sense of daily progress and self trust. Forward facing means reclaiming control over your  reactions, and being able to navigate everyday life in a more relaxed state, and feel like you are making progress to living in your integrity.

Coaching with Teya:

Teya Smoothy, D.Ac, is a health and wellness practitioner and a Forward Facing health and wellness coach based in Richmond, Virginia. She has a Doctor of Acupuncture degree, a Master of Science degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Teya’s fundamental belief centers around the idea that individuals can create positive and lasting changes in their lives. She is passionate about helping her clients effectively regulate their emotions, develop essential tools to navigate stress, and live in a more relaxed state. The tools she learned from Forward Facing Coachings added these essential tools for long lasting change.

She encourages her clients to take small daily steps toward reaching their higher potential and making progress in their lives. Her approach is grounded in helping individuals overcome feelings of shame and self-distrust that can accumulate over time if one doesn’t have the tools to self regulate.

Location: Richmond, VA

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