Vision, Mission, Values & Beliefs

Forward-Facing® Institute

Forward-Facing is Freedom.

  • Freedom from…the pain and trauma of the past; the weight and yoke of stress; the baffling complexity of mental health treatment;  hopelessness, desperation and demoralization; and unfulfilled  promises of a better life.
  • Freedom to…live beyond your fear in a comfortable body; gain traction toward living an intentional and principle-based life; find safety, vulnerability, hope and joy; optimize your skills and capacities relationally, professionally, personally and  spiritually; to become who you choose to be rather than who your past has programed you to be.


The Forward-Facing® Institute, LLC is the premier provider of a salutogenic self-directed, peer-to-peer and/or professional approach to healing the effects of a painful past that is achieved by engaging the practice of a simple set of skills here in the present.  Forward-Facing® is a community-based and peer-delivered triage and augmentation to institutional mental health services.  Forward-Facing® is the primary and initial treatment to reverse the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences.   Forward-Facing® is a primary pathway for achieving and maintaining professional resilience.  Forward-Facing® is internationally respected as an accelerated pathway for adult development to catalyze and pursue personal, professional and relational excellence.


Forward-Facing Institute is the global leader in developing, providing and delivering a set of simple understandings and practices that heal the painful past, transform the present and optimize futures for individuals and systems.  We offer this through service delivered with excellence, compassion, kindness, and competency.  We train and certify individuals to become competent and potent providers the transformative suite of Forward-Facing services to others.  We endeavor to empower individuals, groups and systems to become competent agents of change, transformation and healing in their communities.  Forward-Facing offers a clear and simple pathway for individuals who have survived Adverse Childhood Experiences to resolve the well-documented negative effects and evolve into productive, healthy and joyful lives.  We are committed to helping these survivors develop and practice skills to begin to champion their younger selves to the life they hoped and dreamed about, while honoring all they’ve survived to get here.   Finally, Forward-Facing heals the effects of intergenerational historical trauma to help restart, support and accelerate the evolution of humankind

We are salutogenic in our approach, helping people to immediately catalyze pursue health instead of treating illness.  We believe in the capacity of human being to evolve, adapt, and heal.  We embrace and support our own personal evolution as we help others to discover, engage, and maintain their own process of healing, transformation and perpetual forward progress. 


The humans at the Forward-Facing Institute embrace…

  • The indomitability of the spirit in each of us
  • Relaxed joyfulness as our natural state
  • Healing requires an alchemy of science, relationships, hard work and a little bit of magic;
  • Compassion, kindness and co-regulation is the magic
  • Self-regulation
  • Intentionality
  • Resilience
  • Transformation
  • Healing, health and everyone single person’s capacity for to engage, pursue and achieve a healthy life


The humans at the Forward-Facing Institute believe…

  • That which has not killed you can make you stronger given the right tools and coaching from a sentient, compassionate and co-regulated helper
  • Anyone and everyone can heal from the effects of their past—no matter how heinous, painful, or traumatic
  • That all organisms can survive hardship and regain optimal functioning
  • Health and healing depend upon the quality and integrity of the relationships in our lives
  • Potency and effectiveness as an agent of change and healing is contingent upon the personal development of the helper
  • When we repair breaches of integrity into intentional behavior it allows for the securing of attachment, augmentation of self-compassion, and the acceptance of ourselves as precious and flawed
  • When our instinctual and involuntary physiological threat response is interrupted then healing, health, comfort, safety, and optimization emerges
  • Breaches of integrity, errors in judgments, failed communication, shortcomings, and shame are outcomes of the desperation caused by a dysregulated autonomic nervous system;
  • Our thinking and behaviors become increasingly disrupted the longer we remain in our threat response;
  • By engaging the disciplined practice of a simple set of self-regulatory skills anyone can health their past; transform their present and pursue a future on purpose.

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