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Your future on purpose.

Forward-Facing® Freedom

is for anyone ready to reclaim their life from stress.

It takes the groundbreaking information from the book and turns it into a day-long group experience that will have you immediately applying new information and skills to your everyday life while learning with others.

(It’s also a requirement to become a non-licensed Forward-Facing® Health and Wellness Coach )

During this 6-hour live online course, you will:

  • Learn how trauma is something that happens inside your body
  • Learn skills to befriend and calm your body when it’s being bombarded by the physiological symptoms of anxiety 
  • Understand how to stay calm when everyone and everything around you is falling apart
  • Learn to choose your responses to those around you instead of living in constant reaction. 
  • Practice self-regulation skills in breakout rooms with new friends!
  • Write your personal Mission Statement and Code of Honor

Imagine what it would feel like to know what you want and be able to go after it without fear, stress, or uncertainty getting in the way.

You can achieve that kind of emotional stability with the tools and processes we teach you in Forward-Facing® Freedom.

Our next live workshop takes place on January 19, 2024

Decades of research, clinical practice, and training have gone into the development of the  Forward-Facing® tools. 

Previously, this information was only available in the treatment community for therapists and helping professionals who treat trauma and traumatic stress.  Now, for the first time, these skills and information are available to anyone who wants to resolve their stress and transform their lives in our 6-hour workshop informed by the book Forward-Facing® Freedom.

With the information presented to you in this workshop, you will

  • learn the skills necessary to work with your body instead of fighting your way through the day
  • get a chance to take back control of your responses to the world around you instead of living in constant reaction.
  • regain the ability to choose your life and the way you live it.
  • get the neuroscientific and psychological foundations for understanding stress
  • gain a new perspective on what is truly getting in the way of living the life you want to live.

Set your intention for your life and learn how to stick to it

Sign up for the workshop and get started living the life you choose today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Forward-Facing® Freedom different from Forward-Facing® Trauma Therapy?

1. Forward-Facing® Trauma Therapy was created for clinicians. Forward-Facing® Freedom is for everyone.

Here’s a terribly kept secret: many non-clinicians have used Forward-Facing® Trauma Therapy over the years for their own personal growth and transformation even though they’re not therapists.

That’s part of why we created Forward-Facing® Freedom. It’s time to acknowledge that anybody can learn Forward-Facing® skills — so everybody should have access to them.

Bottom line: If you ever wished you could share FFTT with someone, but were worried it would be a little over their heads, invite them to Forward-Facing® Freedom. That’s precisely what it’s for.


2. Forward-Facing® Freedom is always live even though it’s taught virtually.

Forward-Facing® Trauma Therapy has been taught to thousands of people all over the world. Sometimes live. A lot of times as a recorded online course. We’re committed to offering Forward-Facing® Freedom live every time because we know how crucial human interaction is when it comes to resolving stress.

That means that not only do people learn some amazing skills from Forward-Facing® Freedom, they also get to meet and bond with some amazing people.


3. Forward-Facing® Freedom is a required course for non-licensed Health and Wellness Coach training.

We actually find Forward-Facing® Freedom to be better for those pursuing non-licensed coaching because it puts all the fancy clinical terms (that you don’t need) into words anyone can understand.

Ultimately, it will help you help your clients more efficiently without getting bogged down in details neither of you need. A better quality of life doesn’t always require ten dollar words.

Will you record this workshop?

We know Forward-Facing® Freedom is packed with information and it’s not possible to get ALL of it in at one go. While we’re not offering online recordings of the course, we want you to be able to experience the process and rediscover the material any time we offer it. 

So, once you sign up for one workshop, you’re in for any other Forward-Facing® Freedom workshop we offer.  Contact to save your spot.

How much does this cost?

Forward-Facing® Freedom costs $100 for the full day workshop – that includes lifetime free registration for future Forward-Facing® Freedom workshops if you need to brush up. 

We think that’s an amazing deal!

I'm non-licensed and interested in the Health and Wellness Certification. Will I get a discount on the certification if I take this workshop?

If you’re interested in buying a Level 2 package from our core pathway after taking this course, we’ll deduct the cost of the course from the cost of the package. Email to get a personalized invoice.

Learn more about our Health and Wellness Certification here.

Let’s get started!

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